We can best describe this century-old paradise by depicting how you will be charmed by this experience of tranquility and revitalization.
Here you will find:

- pure air, serenity, jungle, blue and starry skies, sun and warmth
- a clean river, natural showers, bathtubs and summer rains
- fireplaces, candles, wooden stoves and campfires on winter nights
- earthen paths wandering under trees, discovering fruits and plants
- cranes, parakeets, woodpeckers and ovenbirds, close by and free
- healthy breakfast, caretaker, yokels and handicrafts
- typical and original historic houses
- natural beauty

The Sítio Roda D’Água has thought of every detail to help you RELAX, BECOME INSPIRED, CREATE or EXERCISE. Your visit to Brotas will be captivating, not only welcoming you to this rustic setting, but prompting and provoking pleasant surprises.
When leaving, you will take with you the indescribable sensation of having rediscovered simple things, and of having experienced significant, extremely pleasant and unforgettable moments.


With 25 guests at the most, located 1 Km from downtown near the paved road, some noises could upset your tranquility: birds singing, the noise of the train greeting you in the morning, and the lament of the rotating water wheel.

versão portuguêsSítio Rodad'água - (14) 3653-4366. Creation: Divina Arte Comunicação - photos: Maiza Borges, Adriana Pastori e Outros